Visualizing various types of data

Lecture 4

Dr. Benjamin Soltoff

Cornell University
INFO 2950 - Spring 2024

February 1, 2024



  • Lab 01 tomorrow
  • Homework 01 due next week

Warm up

Revisiting average heights

The way data is displayed matters

What do these plots show?

Application exercise

Prognosticator of prognosticators


  • Go to the course GitHub org and find your ae-02 (repo name will be suffixed with your GitHub name).
  • Clone the repo in RStudio Workbench, open the Quarto document in the repo, and follow along and complete the exercises.
  • Render, commit, and push your edits by the AE deadline – end of tomorrow.

Recap of AE

  • Pick geoms based on data types.
  • Set appropriate binwidths for histograms.
  • Turn off legends when they provide redundant information with show.legend = FALSE.
  • Create plots with multiple geoms, and pay attention to order.

Happy birthday!