HW 00 - Statistics diagnostic


March 6, 2024


This homework is due January 28 at 11:59pm ET.

You may not use a slip day for this assignment.

Getting started


Students taking INFO 2950 are required to have previously completed CS 1110/1112 (programming) and MATH 1710 or an equivalent course (probability & statistics). I presume you have already taken your programming class. This homework is designed to assess your prior knowledge of probability and statistics. The homework will be used to help us understand the background of the class, and for you to assess your own preparation for the course.

Unfortunately with a “choose 1 of 14” model (for IS majors) it is extremely challenging to identify common learning objectives across all possible courses student use to meet the 2950 prereq. All the questions on this homework assignment are based on the learning objectives for MATH 1710 and intended to capture the most common learning objectives across these 14 classes.


This is a 75 minute timed assignment with 45 multiple-choice questions. You are welcome to use your background knowledge and experience to complete the assignment, as well as past course notes, readings, textbooks, etc. You may use a calculator and any relevant formulas, though there are very few questions which explicitly require you to perform arithmetic.

There is nothing stopping you from searching online for answers (e.g. Google, ChatGPT), but I strongly discourage this approach since the entire point of the assignment is to serve as a diagnostic. Everything on this assignment are things you should have previously learned.

If you find yourself struggling immensely across large portions of the assignment and have not already taken your stats course, I strongly encourage you to consider deferring INFO 2950 to another semester once you have taken your prereqs, or take an alternative data science course such as STSCI 1380 (Data Science for All) which does not require prior statistical knowledge.


  • Total: 50 points