Exam 02


April 29, 2024


Exam 2 (the final exam) will be held on May 18th at 2pm in Statler 185. It will be a 120 minute in-person, timed-exam.

The exam will largely focus on statistical/machine learning techniques from lecture 16 (linear regression with a single predictor) through the final day of class. While some topics or methods may appear from the first-half of the course, the exam heavily focuses on the second-half of the course.

It will consist of a series of multiple choice, short answer, and free response questions. Questions are designed to evaluate your knowledge of core statistical concepts, apply appropriate techniques given a research question, and interpret the results of statistical analysis (e.g. descriptive statistics, linear regression, logistic regression, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, performance metrics).

Students with SDS accommodations

Students who have registered SDS accommodations related to timed assignments are implemented by the SDS Alternative Testing Program. You will receive separate instructions from SDS about how to take the exam with your accommodations. If you have any questions about your accommodations, please contact SDS directly.

Students with religious or other accommodations

If you require an accommodation for exam 02 on the basis of religious observances, athletics, military service, or another accommodation listed on the course syllabus, please contact us at info2950@cornell.edu by May 1st. Any accommodation requests received after this date are unlikely to be approved.

Rules & Notes

Academic Integrity

  1. A student shall in no way misrepresent his or her work.
  2. A student shall in no way fraudulently or unfairly advance his or her academic position.
  3. A student shall refuse to be a party to another student’s failure to maintain academic integrity.
  4. A student shall not in any other manner violate the principle of academic integrity.
  • This is an individual assignment. Everything in the exam is for your eyes only.
  • The exam will be held in-person. All responses will be written by hand and submitted on paper.
  • You may not use any electronic devices during the exam.1 This includes laptops, tablets, phones, smartwatches, etc.
  • You may not use any physical materials during the exam. This includes textbooks, notes, calculators, etc. Any required formulas will be provided in the exam.


  • All responses will be submitted on paper using the provided forms. Exams will not be returned to students, though you may request to review your exam in-person at a later date.


  • Exam 02 is worth 13% of your final grade.


  1. Students with SDS accommodations are permitted to use a computer.↩︎